Gift cards that are as individual as those who use them
Xoomi gift cards can be sent via mobile and used instore or online at any store


To send a Xoomi gift card first download our App. Enter the details of the recipient and the value of the card. Make it personal with a voice or video message and hit send. They can then use the gift from their mobile device anywhere, anytime, online or instore.


Super Fast Gifts

Send or receive gifts within minutes! No more wondering what to buy or if the gift will be used or liked. Xoomi card allows the receiver the freedom to purchase whatever they like.

Use It Anywhere

Conveniently, use the gift from your mobile device at any store! Online or in store, anywhere, at anytime.

Securely In One Place

Never loose a gift card again as we store everything securely in the cloud.

Smart Notifications

We’ll notify you when your gift is about to expire or when that When special birthday or anniversary is coming up.

Make It Personal

Send a personalised e-card, video or voice message with your gift to give it a personal touch.

Have Your Own Wallet

Store all your gift cards in one place in Xoomi Wallet.


With XOOMI you will never forget that important Birthday or Anniversary ever again! Just download the XOOMI app , enter your recipients details and gift value, include your personalised e card , video or voice message and send. It is that easy!

Once your gift has been received, your recipient is able to use their gift card at any store online or in store anytime!

XOOMI wallet allows you to store all your gift cards in one place, in the palm of your hand!

The gift in the palm of your hand! Use it anywhere at anytime!


We will be launching soon. Drop your email and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop!